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"The project is entirely self-managed by the residents of La Borda. We try to reach consensus and big decisions are taken during our monthly assembly when every family is present."

La Borda, Barcelona

"When I first heard Barnet, I thought “Who wants to live here?” But in the end, how you live becomes more important than where you live…at least that’s what it did for me: I cared more about how I lived."

New Ground, London

"It’s somewhere between renting and owning. Paying 35% of our income is good because it means that low earners can also afford to live here. Fuel bills are extra but mine are only €10 per month."

LILAC, Leeds

"Often people say, isn’t it the same as sheltered housing for older people? It really isn’t. The difference is it’s the group that are in charge here. We run it. We manage it."

New Ground, London

"I finally wanted to get out and find my own home. But, it’s really not easy to find a barrier-free flat. It’s been possible for me to find a shared flat group at Spreefeld, and I enjoy living with two other young women"

Spreefeld, Berlin

"We worked on how to do affordable housing and how to do customised housing – not in order to raise the value of the house, but to give people an idea how to adapt the apartment to their own needs."

R50, Berlin
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We've created a new section to the website, focused on the EU Community Land Trust project we're engaged in as Irish partners for 2020-2021.


An occasional event organised in various locations in order to bring interested groups and contributors together. Entry is free and all are welcome.


A two day event held in June 19 in Dublin. Speakers from various European countries described how Community-Led Housing works in their cities.


SOA’s work involves research into collaborative housing models which are common in Europe and North America.


We are advocating for and developing proposals by engagement with the general public, professions, social groups and government and financial bodies.


We are publishing our research in a series of bite-sized zines which will be combined into a 'Manual For Cohousing in Ireland'.



Thursday 13th May, 12:00 - 13:30

SOA Launch Event

Introducing our new publication:

Roadmapping a Viable Community-Led Housing Sector for Ireland