Granby Four Streets CLT

Granby Four Streets (Photograph by Assemble)


The CLT as vehicle for Community-led Neighbourhood Transformation

At the end of World War Two, Toxteth became a popular destination for immigrants of the Commonwealth moving to Liverpool and developed into a thriving multicultural neighbourhood. Economic decline in the 1970-80s meant high levels of vacancy and dereliction. Following years of campaigning, “the residents took the initiative to shape the neighbourhood. The shared spaces were reinvigorated by resident activities, ranging from rewilding and gardening shared spaces to painting the derelict properties. Along with this a community market was set up during the summer months, which would later become the monthly Granby Street Market.

“At the end of 2011, the residents formally constituted themselves as the Granby Four Street Community Land Trust. By 2014, Liverpool City Council had transferred 10 properties to the CLT, with the help of grant funding from a number of housing and community initiatives. Working closely with the CLT, Assemble proposed developing the Four Streets to include 10 affordable homes to own and rent.

As of 2019 the CLT and Four Streets community is the proud home of new residents along Cairns Street, with the Granby Workshop and Granby Street Market attracting visitors from beyond Liverpool. In March 2019 the Granby Winter Garden was opened as a community meeting place, engaging the neighbourhood in plant and education workshops. All the while the long-term residents and the CLT remain active in the neighbourhood with further plans to renovate the Four Streets. Granby remains the most ethnically diverse community in Liverpool…


Key information

Project: Renovation and renewal of Granby Four Streets area 10 Homes, street market, Winter Garden, street greening, Granby Workshop Ceramics Studio, commercial spaces

Membership: Open to community in Liverpool 8 and residents