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CoHousing allows people to decide for themselves what form of housing is suitable for their own lifestyle and life-stage, and offers the possibility to realise this affordably and sustainably, and to benefit from the creativity of common endeavour and resulting community.

SOA Research aims to prove this by developing cohousing and Community Land Trust models which can be applied in Ireland.

We are currently working on a brand new website that will be launching soon! In the meantime, you can get in contact by emailing hello@soa.ie or visiting ourĀ Twitter page

Who we are

SOA (Self Organised Architecture) is a multidisciplinary research collaborative formed to promote the possibilities for self-organised, collaborative and cooperative approaches to housing in Ireland. Our members are based in Dublin, Hamburg, Barcelona and Aarhus. We contend that the creation of housing can be a participatory, non-speculative, affordable and democratic process, and that such a process has the potential for positive social transformation.

What we do

Essentially our work involves research into collaborative housing models which are common in places such as Germany, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Switzerland etc. There are also interesting examples emerging in the UK, Canada and the US. Our research involves developing ways to overcome the barriers which make these types of projects currently almost impossible in Ireland. We are developing these proposals through a process of engagement with the general public, relevant professions and social groups, government bodies and financial institutions.

Collaborative housing schemes have been shown to have a positive ripple effect in many of the districts where they have been built, providing an exemplar of group cooperation, secure tenancy and stable, non speculative house prices and rents. They also often provide and manage ground level community spaces, which can facilitate and offer meeting spaces to community groups across the wider neighbourhood. Our collaborative research group aims to generate enthusiasm for this form of urban living, and empower citizens to take control of their built environment.

How we intend to do it

Our work aims to influence a changed attitude to urban living and housing development in Ireland. Through a series of projects (including publications, exhibitions, public workshops and conferences) we aim to inform and educate the Irish public in regard to alternative, socially and environmentally sustainable housing models, which encourage and facilitate diversity, adaptability and community development. We hope to inspire Irish people as to the possibilities for participating in and contributing to high quality diverse urban neighbourhoods, as well as the potential for self-organised development, in contrast to the too often soulless, poor quality and unsuitable housing provided by large scale speculative developers.

Join us

SOA hosts a monthly workshop with invited participants, to plan projects and brainstorm ideas. These are held at our offices in Dublin 2. If you would like to join a workshop or participate in any way please contact us by email here.

Our Partners

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