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Thom Stewart


IRLT were formed in response to the climate breakdown and housing crisis in Ireland. They are a citizen- led nonprofit that believes a flawed relationship to land is the common root to multiple systemic crises, and best answered through ecological stewardship that places land in a ‘New Commons’. Their mission is to take a community-led approach to Ecological Regeneration, addressing the climate crisis by increasing access to land for regenerative activities, including farming, land restoration, and green building activities.



Cork City North


The People's Land Trust is an art project that explores community land ownership through the Community Land Trust model. The project is a space for meeting, sharing and learning. It's a space for coming together to creatively and practically experiment, and to imagine setting up one of the first urban Community Land Trusts in Ireland. A short term goal is to come together to grow a community with shared knowledge and understanding of the CLT mechanism, with a view to considering together how it might be adapted locally for Cork City's north side.
Granby Four Streets CLT

Granby Four Streets (Photograph by Assemble)   The CLT as vehicle for Community-led Neighbourhood Transformation At the end of ...

Bristol CLT

325 Fishponds Road (Photograph by Bristol CLT)   A Community and Council-Initiated CLT developer Bristol CLT (BCLT) was initiated ...

London CLT

St Clements (Photograph by London CLT)   The Community Land Trust as Developer As a not-for-profit Community Benefit Society, ...

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